AIS9: Top Eight Nine Prediction Guess...

For the first time in the history of Idol, a former contestant was brought back to be a mentor. But did they choose someone out of all the past champions that have gone on to be mega-successful (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood)? Did they choose a contestant who didn't win but still went on to become mega-successful (Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson)? Nope. They picked the guy who everyone who works on the show wishes would have won last season: Adam Lambert.

Now, even though I'm not a fan of the Lambert's, I can honestly say that the guy can sing... really well. And on top of that, he knows how to own a stage. So I can totally see how they'd want to bring him in to mentor the worst group of Idol contestants since... well, ever.

And you know what? He... did.... great. He actually told the singers when they were doing something wrong and then how to improve. Something no other guest mentor has done. Mainly because they're mostly people who are only there to promote their own songs/CDs/stalled careers (eHEM! Miley! EHEM!!!) But anyway, thoughts are for tomorrow's post. This one's all about the predictions. Did I say predictions, plural? Oh yeah... Because tonight, two people go home.

Thanks to last week's judges' save of Michael Lynche, two "singers" will be hitting the road tonight. And after last night, I'm going to say that the bottom three are going to be Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, and Aaron Kelly. But more importantly, going home will (finally) be Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens.

I wonder if Lambert will "push the envelope" when he performs on Idol tonight like he did at the AMA's...

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