And the Thunder Rolls...

Right now, as I type, there is a giant thunderstorm happening outside of my house. Like, so much so, that the thunder is shaking my house. (Or, at least, my chair.) It kind of reminds me of my flight home last night.

For some reason, whenever I travel via airplane, things always go wrong. Always. Last night's adventure started with one of my planes getting slightly delayed. This made me think that I was going to cut it close making my next flight in DC. So, when I landed I booked it to the gate. Little did I know, that this would be a distance race and not a sprint. I had to go up one set of escalators, down another, get on a tram, go up another escalator, and then back down. Once I finally arrived at my destination, I was, to say the least, sweaty.

That's when I looked up to see that my flight had been delayed an hour.

That's a pretty great feeling.

I sat and waited, without any updates from the gate agent. And then watched as the departure time changed again to another hour later.

But once we were in the air, things took a turn for the better. As we flew south, through North Carolina and South Carolina, I got to see a lightning storm from above the clouds! Talk about amazing!

Truely a #LifeWin...

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Catie said...

I kind of promise that I'm not a creeper, but I was blog surfing and decided to randomly read this post.

I'm right with you on the ...things going wrong at the airport. I happen to be the master of getting my luggage lost.

Then again, I probably wouldn't mind getting my luggage lost if I could see a thunderstorm from a plane. :)