Ahh... the things we learn in life.

As I was in Florida this past week, I decided to do some online job hunting (as I do most days). So I went on the typical job boards and browsed around. I found two places that looked promising, so I sent off my resume. I was surprised that, within ten minutes, my phone was already ringing! Of course (as my luck goes), I was unable to pick up the phone. So I check my message and found out the person calling was sending me an email to follow up. The email asked a few questions (which I provided short answers for), including "What's your Myers-Briggs personality type?"

I knew that I had taken the test before. And I knew three out of the four traits that I was classified (diagnosed?) with. But I couldn't remember the fourth. So the person emailing me asked me to retake it quickly. So I did...

And the result was just as I had suspected: ENFJ. Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judgement. (I'll let you google the terms to find out more about them.) But here's a rundown of the personality type as a hole:

Responsive and responsible. Generally feel real concern for what others think or want, and try to handle things with due regard for the other person’s feelings. Can present a proposal or lead a group discussion with ease and tact. Sociable, popular, sympathetic. Responsive to praise and criticism.

Sounds pretty close. But it left out awesome.

So it's nice to have one more thing in the toolbox that I can talk to prospective employers about...


Terrace Crawford said...

Your links never work... at least not for me. Is it just me? I saw the movie also. Wondered what you thought.

--Terrace Crawford

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Wait... I'm confused. What movie? What link? I don't see any links in this post. And no mention of a movie. Huh?