iTunes Receipt: Part 15...

You know, you would think that not posting an iTunes Receipt since March would indicate that I haven't been listening to much music. But you'd be wrong. How wrong? Like, Michael Vick giving a speech at a PETA rally wrong...

As always, my ears have been enjoying only the most awesome of harmonies. And because I'm fueled by melodius awesomus, I've been given the responsibility of spreading the blessing.

I've chosen to do so by providing you with a list of five of some of the last songs I purchased from iTunes. So click on the links, crank up the volume, and thank me later.

Seriously... I want a thank you card...

  • It Happens by Sugarland

  • In Color by Jamey Johnson

  • One Night Only (The March) by Trombone Shorty

  • You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive by Brad Paisley

  • When Did You Fall by Chris Rice
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