Power Rankings: 17...

Power Rankings on the internet are like two sets of footprints in the sand. They're there to walk beside you as you journey through life. Unless I write them. Then they're like that one set of footprints during the tough times. Why one set? "Because I was flying. I'm God. Check this out. Wolverine claws! *Snikt*"...

1. The Return of Fall TV The summer season of reruns is over! Thank goodness that new episodes of Chuck, HIMYM, House, The Middle, Modern Family, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Smallville, and The Venture Bros. have swooped in just in time to save me from having to "read" for entertainment. Pffff. Reading... What am I? A brain scientist... (link)

2. Waffles Is there anything better than a waffle? Well, yeah. But where are we going to find a jet pack at this time of morning? Hmm... (link)

3. Football My Packers are 2 and 0. My Gamecocks are 3 and 0. My weekends are officially booked from now until early February. Now, if only I could do something about the terrible season my fantasy team is having... (link)

4. Countdowns If waiting were a talent, I'd take last place at the show. But somehow, making a physical representation of the days passing helps it to feel as if the time is passing faster. I started with 63 days on the post-it. Now, I'm down to 32. ARGH! Hurry up... (link)

5. Zac Brown Band love Love LOVE this band. Like a mix of Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, and Country. And their new CD came out this Tuesday. Buy their music if you enjoy good things... (link)

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