Things I Love: Series 3...

For some time now on my twitter, I've been posting a series of tweets about things I love. I figured I'd collect them all in one place (along with making some of them into links). You can check out the other entries in this series by clicking here. I mean, this way, if you ever want to buy me a gift...

  • Vol 15: Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic BBQ Sauce, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, My Kindle, Diet Coke w/ Orange, Scrabble Slam!

  • Vol 16: My Jamey Johnson Pandora Station, Jamestown Coffee Company's Pumpkin Spice roast, Moleskines, The Karate Kid (both versions)

  • Vol 17: Natalie Portman's Eyebrows, Diet A&W Rootbeer, My Klean Kanteen, Christmas Vacation (the movie), Orbit Sweet Mint Gum

  • Vol 18: Ricky Gervais

  • Vol 19: Words With Friends, My New Job, White Boards, Trailer for Captain America, New Books on My Kindle, Nerds Jelly Beans

    Man, I have good taste...
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