The Best Movies of 2012 (So Far)

I see a lot of movies. One year, I saw 64. (What can I say? I had a few free tickets.) Because of this (and because I like to talk about movies), I get asked for recommendations all the time.

So far, this year, I've seen 20 movies.

And out of those 20, here are the ones I can solidly say you should see...

1) The Artist- If you kept up with the oscars at all this year, then you know all about this film. If you haven't heard (no pun intended), it's silent movie. I was awestruck with how different the experience of watching a movie with no sound (except background music) was. I found myself being bothered with ambient noise coming from the audience that I would have never noticed before. But, if you're watching it at home, you won't have to worry about that. It's a beautiful story of someone struggling with progress and change while falling in love. There's also a cute dog.

2) The Desendants- First, this movie was written by two "second banana" comedic actors. Second, it'a a very realistic story (except for the part of someone cheating on George Clooney) of a family struggling to stay together and love each other through a tragedy. Shailene Woodley is great as an angry daughter who feels no one listens or cares for her. And George Clooney is, once again, awesome as a man who is figuring it out as he goes. The visuals that the setting provides (Hawaii) are beautiful and set the movie in a unique universe.

3) The Avengers- I've seen this movie 4 times. And, knowing the kind of money it's made so far, so have you. It's probably the most fun a superhero movie has ever been. And they finally got the Hulk right. See it.

4) Brave- I. Love. Pixar. Plain and simple. I think Up was, not only, their best movie, but one of the best movies of 2009. Period. Pixar knows how to tell a story. While I don't think Brave belongs on the same level as Up, I loved the story. Pixar also completely rewrote their animation software for this one, so the visuals and animation are on another level completely than their previous work.

So, there you have it. Four recommendations of movies that you should see.
Question: What movies that have come out this year would you recommend?

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