Questions To Ask Before You Kill a Program

This past week, I had to pull the trigger and kill a program in my ministry. But it wasn't a hasty decision. It was about a five week process of evaluation, questions, and discussion. I'm always bummed when something that I start doesn't work out the way I planned, but I'm excited to refocus my energies for the future.

Here are some questions that I used in my evaluation process:

  • What goals was this program trying to meet?
  • How do I determine its success (if these goals were met)?
  • Have I done my part in leading this program? (In other words, is there something I can change about me that would help?)
  • Would being patient allow the program to succeed?
  • Would food help? (Hey, I work at a Baptist church.)
  • Would a change in time or location affect things?

Question(s): How do you evaluate your programs? How do you know that it's time to kill a program?

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