Student Worship Leaders

I mentioned in a post a few days ago how part of my job is to oversee worship music for our ministry. This is more that a little ironic to me, considering that 10 years ago I hated leading worship. (How my heart did a 180 is a story for another post.) But, in this particular role, I've found tons of joy that I didn't know I could. And all of that joy has come from helping students learn how to be worship leaders.
We started our worship band some time around March of this year. I'll be honest with you here: it was a ministry that I felt more called than equipped to lead. I've been a musician and singer for a long time, but I've never had the opportunity to formally learn (other than in middle and high school band). So I've always been a little self conscious about my level of musical knowledge.

But, as He always does, the Lord provided.

We've got an incredible volunteer who is one of the best musicians I've ever met in real life. So the two of us have partnered together to lead.

For the past two weeks we've been working with our students to learn 4 songs that were new to them (Saviour of the World, Desert Song, Revelation Song, and Let My Words Be Few). But, in addition to working on playing the right notes, I've been trying to teach them about the heart of a worship leader. That, as a worship leader, your primary job is to regularly kneel before the throne of God so that you'll know how to lead others there.

Well, This past Wednesday night the hard work and heart work (see what I did there?) came together!

As I stood in the audience, waiting to walk up to teach, I watched our students truly worship while leading others. And I felt something incredible. It was like a combination of pride (the good kind) and a deep sense of experiencing God's love.

I got to take part in teaching students how to express their love for God through music and then lead others in doing the same. Isn't that discipleship?

Gosh, I love my job!

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