A Few Thoughts About Summersalt (Our Summer Camp)

For the second summer in a row, we took our students to summer camp at Summersalt. And, while originally, I selected Summersalt as our camp mainly for convenience (we've got connections that allowed us to register late last summer and it's only an hour away), after year two, I'm sold.

Summersalt is a camp put on by the youth ministry department of the South Carolina Baptist Convention at White Oak Conference Center. Not only was this my second summer taking students from Trinity, I went as a student when I was in youth group here, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Here's a few quick thoughts about why I love it:

  • I know, without doubt, that everything that is taught at camp will be in line with the Baptist Faith and Message. I like knowing that our s students are getting solid theology.
  • It's close enough to home so that I'm not worried about an emergency but far enough away that it still takes students outside of their comfort zone. 
  • They bring in some incredible speakers. This year, it was Lee Clamp, evangelism director for the SCBC and my first boss in youth ministry.
  • Their worship band is the absolute best of any camp I've ever been to. Ever. Seriously.
So, if you're in South Carolina, or within a few hours drive, check out Summersalt for your camp next year! If you need any info, email Karen Prevatte!

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