Worship Songs We'll Be Working On

Yesterday, when I posted on our summer camp experience, i toughed very briefly on the worship band that leads us every day. What I didn't say about the worship was how much it inspires and fuels our ministry during the school year.

Two summers ago, as we sat in worship every night at Summersalt, my students would giggle at how, during the songs, I'd be bent over my moleskin notebook, furiously scribbling down the lyrics to songs so that I could look them up later. We would then use those songs in our own MidWeek services.

Well, this year, the same thing occurred. (Only, without the giggles. Mainly since they were expecting it.) I also asked each of our students (especially our student worship leaders) if they would let me know which songs they really liked at camp, so that I could use those as well.

So I wanted to provide you with a list of which songs we'll begin work on soon:

Question: What new songs are you introducing in your ministry?

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