Love Does: A Review

I've mentioned Bob Goff here, on my blog, before. I've learned a lot about following Jesus and loving others from his musings on twitter. I'd definitely encourage you, if you have a twitter account, to follow him. Lucky for us, Bob decided to write a book.

From his twitter account, it was easy to see that Bob was a man of deep compassion, love, and action. Many adventures (or, capers, if you will) were hinted at, but left unexplained thanks to the 140 character limit. Bob's book, Love Does, pulls back the curtain, allowing us to gaze in wonder at a life lived full throttle for Jesus.

I've already written one post on something I've learned from the book. Here's a few other quotes that stuck with me:
  • "I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I get older because I can see, both through the good times and the bad times, that God has been with me."
  • "In the Bible, the people following God had the same problem I did. They swapped the real thing for an image of the real thing. We target the wrong thing and our misdirected life’s goal ends up looking like a girl or a wide-brimmed hat or a golden calf. All along, what God really wants for us is something much different, something more tailored to us."
  • "If Jesus has taught me anything, though, it’s that sometimes you can really want to know somebody and it takes them forever to want to know you back."
  • "Am I the right guy? I don’t know, but I’m the guy being asked, and the last thing I want to do is miss an opportunity or make God mad, so I just keep saying yes."
  • "God searches for us, no matter what dark place we’re in or what door we’re behind. He hears our impossible, audacious prayers for ourselves and others. And He delights in forgiving us and then answering those prayers by letting us return home to Him."
And there are so much more! If you'd like to check out some other things I highlighted in the book, you can go to my Kindle highlight page here.

Have you ever met someone that was an incredible storyteller? Maybe they were able to enthrall you for hours simply by telling you about their lives? Maybe even at the end of a story they were able to reveal some truth about life or God that, because they were able to reveal it to you as a part of their story, became part of yours? If not, let me introduce you to Bob.

Pick up his book and get to know him. You'll be glad you did.

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