Water, Water, Everywhere

Not arranged in order of deliciousness.
I moved back to South Carolina on December 17, 2008. Which means I've been back in the motherland for almost 4 years. When I moved back, I'm sad to say, I kind of let myself go (fitness wise). Looking back, I think it was a combination of feeling down, being without a job, and all of the delicious southern food I had missed out of for the 6 years I lived in Southern California.

As a result, I put on some weight. 

But, earlier this year, I decided I had had enough! So, as I did back in 2006, I joined a gym and started to watch what I ate. 

But, I am doing one thing differently this time around.It's been over a month since I've drank any soda. 

That might not be a big deal to you. But for me, it's HUGE! Why? Because I'm used to drinking upwards of 4 or 5 a day. (This, combined with my morning cup of coffee.) Now, it should be noted that these were all diet sodas. But still...

Anyway, it always helps to replace something that you're trying to give up with something else. So I started drinking Mio.

Mio's sugarless, calorie-less, sodium-less, and fat-less. But it still tastes pretty great. (Think a healthy version of Koolaid or Gatorade.) They're about $3.84 at Target and they're totally worth it! One bottle lasts about 24 bottles of water.

I've taken the initiative to rank each of the 9 flavors in descending order of deliciousness.

1) Mango Peach
2) Orange Tangerine
3) Fruit Punch
4) Peach Tea
5) Strawberry Watermelon
6) Blueberry Lemonade
7) Berry Pomegranate
8) Lemonade (Haven't tried yet)
9) Sweet Tea (Haven't tried yet)

So, there you go. Looking to cut a few calories out of your diet? Try some Mio. 

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