The Music Guy

I've been absolutely blessed to work with some amazing people in my career. And I've done my best to learn from every one of them.

Since moving back to South Carolina and starting my job at my home church, I've, once again, been given more than I deserve in coworkers. (Two guys I'm on staff with were members of the youth group with me in middle school and high school. I've known one of them since I was 2!)

A little under two months after I started, our church hired a new Music Pastor. His name is Jeremy Hansard and he's become one of my absolute favorite people to work with.

He's also started his own blog! I was originally going to point you there so that you can download a song he wrote for a children's music camp, but I see that he's been writing a little more since then. Check him out at jeremyhansard.com and, if you're in children's ministry, download and use his song!

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