I love stories.

I'm especially moved and inspired by stories of teenagers using their passions or resources to change the world by helping others. Austin Gutwein is a great example of this. But I wanted to let you know of another story that I just found out about two days ago.

Two years ago, Hart Main was just 13 years old when his sister started selling candles for a school fundraiser. Thinking that the candles she was selling were "really girly scents", he wondered, "Why don't people sell candles with scents that men like?" Out of that idea, ManCans was born.

ManCans has candles with scents like bacon, sawdust, dirt, campfire, Grandpa's pipe, and new mitt. If the story stopped right there, I'd already be a big fan. (I mean, who doesn't want a candle that smells like Grandpa's pipe!?) But it doesn't!

Hart thought that, if his candles were going to smell like things that men like, they couldn't come in glass jars like ordinary candles do. So he started using soup cans to house them. But a problem arose. When the candles' demand skyrocketed after some media coverage (including the Today Show), the need for soup cans went up as well. Since their family bought the cans (and the soup that came in them) from their local grocery store, they needed to figure out something to do with the soup.

They started donating the soup to the Red Cross and local soup kitchens. For every candle sold, one meal (the soup) is given to "people who need a little extra help." To date, Hart has helped feed 30,000 people.

Now that's impressive.

At $9.50 each, Hart's candles are great gifts on their own. But coupled with their affect on the lives of others, they're a home run. Go to man-cans.com and order one for yourself. And while you're there, read up on Hart's story. It's a great one.

Question: How are you inspiring/equipping your students to use what God has given them to impact the world? 

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