Resources For Worship Leaders

I love leading worship!

To be able to express my love for God though music and song, and help others do the same, is a beautiful thing!

Since taking on leadership of our student worship ministry, I've been introduced to some great resources for worship leaders that I wanted to let you know about. Check them out!

  • Songselect (CCLI)- Songselect is a part of CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). It's probably not a big surprise to you that, when you play or perform someone's song, you've got to make sure that you're kosher with copyrights. CCLI helps you do that. But what is a surprise is that, through songselect, you can get chord charts, lead sheets, lyrics, and sheet music for most worship songs! It's a paid service that comes with your CCLI membership. 

  • Worshiptutorials.com- Two Mays ago, I went to Nashville to take part in writing some curriculum for Lifeway. One of the other guys that they flew in was Brian Wahl. Brian is a youth worker and worship leader out of Durham, NC who has an incredible heart for helping other worship leaders. So, he created this website to provide training, ideas, and recommendations for worship leading. He's got some great content! Check him out! And, best of all, it's free!

  • Praisecharts.com- Our worship pastor, Jeremy, introduced me to this site last week. I was trying to find music to Kristian Stanfill's "Who You Are" and songselect didn't have it. But praisecharts.com did! Look up songs by title and buy charts or sheet music a la carte for a bout the cost of an itunes song. 

  • Question: What resources do you go to for help in leading worship?

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