Student Discipleship Resources

In our student ministry at Trinity, we have three main programs.

First, is our MidWeek worship service.  This is our "front door" program that we encourage students to bring their non-believing friends to so that they can get a taste of what church and God are all about.

Second, is Sunday School. Sunday School is where our students are divided into grade groups (6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12) and delve deeper into God's Word.

Finally, on Sunday evenings, we have our discipleship groups. Discipleship groups are divided up by gender and by high school and middle school. This is where we hope to train our students to tell others about their faith.

A good way to look at these three programs is through the lens of the SBC's "KNOWN" strategy: Our ministry exists to help students know Christ (MidWeek), own their faith (Sunday School), and make their faith known (discipleship groups).

This semester, we've begun using two resources that I wanted to pass along to you. One is the curriculum that we're using in our groups. The other, a series of youtube videos that could be used by anyone at any time!
Last semester, our discipleship groups used what ever study the leader liked (that was also approved by our student pastor). But, this year, every group is using the same this. GodQuest, by Sean McDowell (son of Josh), is a 6 session DVD based study that "answers the most critical challenges teens face on their spiritual journey."

So far, in the high school guys' group that I teach, this has been a big hit. Even though each session is designed to go about 2 hours, we've split them in half. We'll start by showing the 15 minute video (with such presenters as Sean Mcdowell, Lee Strobel, Dr. Craig Hazen, Miles McPherson, and Josh McDowell) in a large group setting, then break into our smaller groups to discuss.

If you're looking for a study that is systematic, uses media/video, is Biblically rooted, and leans more on using leaders to lead discussion rather than teach, I can't recommend this resource enough.

Next, is a yotube video series called The One Minute Apologist. We've just discovered this series on youtube and have already shown one or two to our students. Here's why I like them: They tackle serious and relevant faith questions head on by asking experts about them and they do so in a short video that's only a few minutes long! It'd be super easy for you to pull one of these videos up on your phone to show to a student or friend in Starbucks while you were talking over a cup of coffee.

If you find yourself short of answers, or just want to provide a different perspective, these videos could be a great tool to have at your ready!

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