Things I Love: Series 4

For some time now on my twitter, I've been posting a series of tweets about things I love. I figured I'd collect them all in one place (along with making some of them into links). You can check out the entire series by clicking here. I mean, this way, if you ever want to buy me a gift, you can. After all, my birthday is next month.

  • Vol 20: Skinny Ties, Tiny Wings, Cake (the food and the band), THOR, Air Conditioning, My iPhone, Nachos, Amy Poehler, Sonic Ice, Coke Zero, Bananas

  • Vol 21: SC State Fair Corn Dogs, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Candy Corn, iOS5, Sanuks, My Birthday (10/27), Diet Dr. Pepper

  • Vol 22: Late Night FRIENDS Reruns On Nick At Nite

  • Vol 23: Mio, Dunkin Donuts' Hazelnut Coffee, Wheaties, Rocky 3, the MyFitnessPal app, Canoeing, Oak Valley, Jeopardy, Tacos

    Question: What are some things that you love?


    Haleigh Rogers said...

    Great list! I actually just made a list of my favorite things randomly about two weeks ago. I called it "Man's Greatest Inventions" though. Some things include...

    Cheez-Its, texting, Zumba, roller coasters, Google, sweet tea, Taco Bell, Willy Wonka, mascara, and Instagram.

    I could go on for days!! :)

    Julie Hibbard said...

    Strawberry Short cake.
    Walking out of the gym after a great workout.
    Getting a LETTER in the mail.
    Biscuits and Gravy.
    Being with someone I love.

    Great Blog long friend!