Sometimes Simple Is Better!

I'm a big fan of programming. And I've had the opportunity to work in two churches where programming is done big and it's done well!

But this summer, at Trinity, we decided to simplify things a bit. Two of the things we're doing are as simple as can be but have been BIG hits!

Here they are. Use them if you want to!


Embrace the Curl

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about contentment. It's not necessarily that I'm discontent, but more out of self examination and reflection. It's always good to be asking yourself if you like where your life is, where it's going and, of course, examining both in light of God's Word.

My present examination reminded me of a big lesson that I learned about contentment a few years ago.


Water, Water, Everywhere

Not arranged in order of deliciousness.
I moved back to South Carolina on December 17, 2008. Which means I've been back in the motherland for almost 4 years. When I moved back, I'm sad to say, I kind of let myself go (fitness wise). Looking back, I think it was a combination of feeling down, being without a job, and all of the delicious southern food I had missed out of for the 6 years I lived in Southern California.

As a result, I put on some weight. 

But, earlier this year, I decided I had had enough! So, as I did back in 2006, I joined a gym and started to watch what I ate. 

But, I am doing one thing differently this time around.


Love Does: A Review

I've mentioned Bob Goff here, on my blog, before. I've learned a lot about following Jesus and loving others from his musings on twitter. I'd definitely encourage you, if you have a twitter account, to follow him. Lucky for us, Bob decided to write a book.

From his twitter account, it was easy to see that Bob was a man of deep compassion, love, and action. Many adventures (or, capers, if you will) were hinted at, but left unexplained thanks to the 140 character limit. Bob's book, Love Does, pulls back the curtain, allowing us to gaze in wonder at a life lived full throttle for Jesus.

I've already written one post on something I've learned from the book. Here's a few other quotes that stuck with me: