Student Discipleship Resources

In our student ministry at Trinity, we have three main programs.

First, is our MidWeek worship service.  This is our "front door" program that we encourage students to bring their non-believing friends to so that they can get a taste of what church and God are all about.

Second, is Sunday School. Sunday School is where our students are divided into grade groups (6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12) and delve deeper into God's Word.

Finally, on Sunday evenings, we have our discipleship groups. Discipleship groups are divided up by gender and by high school and middle school. This is where we hope to train our students to tell others about their faith.

A good way to look at these three programs is through the lens of the SBC's "KNOWN" strategy: Our ministry exists to help students know Christ (MidWeek), own their faith (Sunday School), and make their faith known (discipleship groups).

This semester, we've begun using two resources that I wanted to pass along to you. One is the curriculum that we're using in our groups. The other, a series of youtube videos that could be used by anyone at any time!


Resources For Worship Leaders

I love leading worship!

To be able to express my love for God though music and song, and help others do the same, is a beautiful thing!

Since taking on leadership of our student worship ministry, I've been introduced to some great resources for worship leaders that I wanted to let you know about. Check them out!


Things I Love: Series 4

For some time now on my twitter, I've been posting a series of tweets about things I love. I figured I'd collect them all in one place (along with making some of them into links). You can check out the entire series by clicking here. I mean, this way, if you ever want to buy me a gift, you can. After all, my birthday is next month.

  • Vol 20: Skinny Ties, Tiny Wings, Cake (the food and the band), THOR, Air Conditioning, My iPhone, Nachos, Amy Poehler, Sonic Ice, Coke Zero, Bananas

  • Vol 21: SC State Fair Corn Dogs, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Candy Corn, iOS5, Sanuks, My Birthday (10/27), Diet Dr. Pepper

  • Vol 22: Late Night FRIENDS Reruns On Nick At Nite

  • Vol 23: Mio, Dunkin Donuts' Hazelnut Coffee, Wheaties, Rocky 3, the MyFitnessPal app, Canoeing, Oak Valley, Jeopardy, Tacos

    Question: What are some things that you love?

  • 9/05/2012


    I love stories.

    I'm especially moved and inspired by stories of teenagers using their passions or resources to change the world by helping others. Austin Gutwein is a great example of this. But I wanted to let you know of another story that I just found out about two days ago.

    Two years ago, Hart Main was just 13 years old when his sister started selling candles for a school fundraiser. Thinking that the candles she was selling were "really girly scents", he wondered, "Why don't people sell candles with scents that men like?" Out of that idea, ManCans was born.


    STUDENT ministers

    My boss, Bryant, has a great story of how, when he was in high school, he started attending our church. Half of it involves a cute girl talking to him. But the other half (the half this post has the most to do with) involves two other high school guys talking to him, and visiting him at his home.

    Because of those two guys (that were his age) and the way they showed care for him, he knew that our church was a place he wanted to be. They also created in him a value that we are now trying to create in our ministry.