Another Shift and My Social Media Break

(Blows dust off of blog)

Hello there, old friend. It's been a while...

Since I know that most of my readers have drifted off to much more populated (and active) blogging harbors by now, I'm going to assume that I'm writing this mostly for myself. (Which actually works out pretty well, since I think all of my best writing was done when I was doing just that.) And since I'm writing this for myself, I don't need to feel the burden of being weighted down by the need to explain what's happened since the fifth of March, when I last posted.

That being said, there are two things I want to say.

One, This past Friday (August 30, 2013) was my last day working at Trinity.

I began attending when I was two. Accepted Christ and was baptized there when I was ten. Felt called to ministry there at fifteen. Was commissioned and sent out to Saddleback from there when I was twenty two. Came on staff there when I was thirty. And am leaving after working there for two and a half years.

I love Trinity Baptist Church with my whole heart. And, right now, my heart is sad that my time there has come to an end. Thank you, Trinity, for all that you've given me. I have no idea where I'd be without you. I do know that my faith wouldn't be the same.

Since I'm not moving directly into another job, expect this blog to become regularly active once again. Not only is it a way to keep my mind active, it's a way to keep my hands busy. Because, as we all know, Idle's hands are the devil's play things.

And, two, I'm taking a break from social media for the month of September.

Why September? Because part of my job at Trinity was social media. Now that I no longer have those responsibilities, I can temporarily go off the grid.

I've got four reasons for this. First, I've noticed that I have a tough time being fully present in anything in my life, and I'd like to change that. So eliminating some distraction is a good thing. Second, I have a bad habit of checking facebook and twitter approximately a bazillion times a day. There was a time in my life when I wasn't tethered to anything. I'd like to undertake this experiment in an attempt to break their hold over my attention. Third, there are several things I'd like to spend the month learning about. Facebook and twitter bring so much information to my head everyday, but very little of it matters. I'd like to make a concentrated effort to cut down on the filler and concentrate on substance. And fourth, I have a feeling like the Lord is about to do something huge in my life, and I want to focus on getting ready for it.

You'll notice there are icons in the top of the right column linking you to all of the social networking sites I participate in. For the month of September, I'll be off of facebook, twitter, pinterest, and tumblr. The apps will be deleted from my iPhone and iPad. I'll still be posting to Instagram (since that's all pictures and all I have to do is look at the pretties and won't get distracted as easily) so you can catch me there. Oh, and if any of you on facebook read this far and need to get a hold of me, you can still send me a message. I'll still get those.

This blog post will post automatically on Sunday, September 1 at 9am. Other blog posts will follow. They will all be posted to facebook and twitter, but it will be done through blogger. I won't be going on there. Same goes for instagram pics. So, if you'd like to respond, leave a comment here. Otherwise, I won't see it until October.

Here's to a beautiful September...


Jeff Stilwell said...

Enjoy your sabbatical. See you at Jamestown sometime?

Josh Treece said...

You bet, Jeff! I'll need a spot to do some writing. And Jamestown is A+ in my book!

Julie Hibbard said...

Always good to check in with you. No peas or beef in the trifle.

Josh Treece said...

Oh, Julie! You're one of my faves!