Josh Pease and The God Who Wasn't There

Way, way back in the year of our Lord, 2008, I met Josh Pease.

I think that it was Allison that introduced us. I remember her saying, "I really like him. And you guys are a lot alike. So I really want you to meet him. Mainly because I think you're so alike, you'll either become best friends or archenemies."

I'm only slightly bummed that we didn't become archenemies.

Instead, he's become one of my favorite humans on earth. (I'm not counting the 6 people who are currently in space.)
Here's why I like him so much: He loves Jesus like crazy, and he likes all of the same things that I do.

Yes, Josh watches football and participates in a fantasy football league. Yes, Josh is a musician. (And a better one than me. Grr...) Yes, Josh likes movies. (In fact, he and I reviewed movies for a website for a while.) But, guys, I'm telling you, Josh loves Jesus. And, since the day that I met him, it has been written across his life and, as a result of that, my relationship with him.

Josh is a deep thinker and a great storyteller. On top of those two things, he believes that everything in life is spiritual. In other words, how you interact with God impacts your whole world. Because of all of that, he is constantly looking for God in life. This produces a theology that is both practical and philosophical. Josh's passion is to give that theology away to other people so that they can understand God better and, by understanding God better, live a better life. But here's what I love about him, he can do it in such a way that even a dummy like me can understand.

Why have I told you all of this about my friend? Because he released his first book today.

If you've got a Kindle (or a Kindle app on a smartphone/iPad/other thing) you can buy The God Who Wasn't There: Looking For a Savior In the Middle of Pain for $2.99. (I just did.)

Clocking in at 40 pages, it's not a long read. But, if it's anything like my friend, I know it'll be a good one. Josh always challenges my thinking, encourages me, and makes me laugh. I wanted to tell you about his book so that he could bless your life too.

Pick it up and read it. When you're done, let's meet for coffee and talk about it. I'm buying.


Allison said...

I said that? I'm hilarious.

Also, I just bought this book. Super excited to read it...and receive free coffee from you.

Josh Treece said...

You did and you are.

And that is a real offer that stands for all. But especially you.