"I'm a dude trying his best to honor God, pastor students, learn to be an Iron Chef, and make people laugh..."

I first used that sentence to describe myself way back in 2005, and it's still true today! Hi, I'm Josh! Welcome to my blog!

I've known I wanted to be a pastor to students since I was 18, and I've spent my life since then doing just that. As long as God will let me, I'll be serving students and those who work with them to lead them closer to God.

I've had the incredible honor to serve on the student ministries team at Saddleback Church in Orange County, CA as an intern, pastor middle school students at Journey Community Church in San Diego, and serve students at my home church, Trinity Baptist, in Cayce, SC!

I love to teach God's Word. I love to write. I love to lead worship. I also love movies, books, music, and creativity in general. That's me in a nutshell. (But how did I get inside this nutshell?!)

Thanks for checking out my blog!